Anthem, is a re-mixable videos social network. Users can create videos using original content or their favorite music or clips for the internet and share them with friends. Every video on the network is completely re-mixable, so a user can create totally new content from their friends shares. The app included a robust ancestry component so an original creator would always be credited for their work, no matter how many remixes were made. I helped design the customer journey, app experience and launch strategy.

I was brought onto the project as the technical and creative muscle. I created all the UX/wireframes, much of the design, especially focused on the content creation portions of the app and coded much of the backend. It was also my responsibility to create the production workflow, hire and manage developers and designers (a team of 7) as well a configure and manage our servers, web presence and app store relationships.

For Anthem we designed some unique new technology including a non-destructive video editing tool and the ancestry system that keeps track of what videos have been remixed and who inspired who. Backend was created in Ruby on Rails and Node.js, web front-end in React and iOS using Swift.


A video remixing app for web and mobile.

Creative Director
Anthem Media