Combo was a custom built, white-label social media management platform created for Attention Global to run social for their two biggest clients; Mattel and Estée Lauder. The platform included a tool for the creation of customizable social pages on Facebook, with specialized widgets for chat, photos, videos and contests. A user could schedule posts to the Facebook widgets and Twitter in 10 different international regions with multi-language support, this included a comprehensive approvals component where posts would not go live until legal and regional decision makers had signed off. The platform UI could be branded and customized per client.

Combo was used from 2010-2013 (up until Facebook changed over to the timeline). My role was as the creative and team director involved with design and maintenance of the platform with a team of 9 people. I designed and executed the UI/UX based on client needs and managed the production of copy, videos, and photos that appeared in client widgets. I was in charge of campaign creative for Barbie, Monster High and Hot Wheels.


Creative Director
Attention Global, Mattel, Esteé Lauder
Social Campaign