Showtime wanted a new dynamic visual system for it’s 2017 acquisition marketing campaign. The brief called for a look that could be re-purposed for multiple uses with a focus on showing the breadth of content within a show or across the network.

The proposal they liked the best was a 3D “wall of video” that could be reconfigured to highlight specific clips and display a variety of text in different contexts.

I developed a system driven by custom scripting inside After Effects and Cinema 4D. This optimized workflow had After Effects hosting, controlling and interacting with several Cinema 4D projects. Each of the over 200 screens in the wall needed to be individually addressable and the camera needs to be dynamic and moldable to fit the editorial in each spot.

While the original build took over several weeks to design and develop, with the toolkit version an animator could create a totally unique spot with original content in the monitors in under two days.

Showtime's 2017 Acquisition Marketing Campaign

3D + 2D scripted visual toolkit

Technical Director, Animator, Designer
Showtime Networks
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