Showtime Anytime was Showtime’s first over-the-top internet service, launched in 2011 as an app for set-top and mobile devices. I worked on both the initial design for the app, specifically the user experience as well as much of the network branding and promotions. I developed marketing strategies around specific features or target demographics. In the first years we concentrated on the educational component of the campaign, informing potential users that they had the product and how to log on and use it. As we added new features, we targeted specific demographics, such as combat sports fans or fans of specific series.

For the launch of Showtime Anytime, Showtime wanted a sophisticated and technical design that evoked the look and feel of the app. They needed something that looked highly polished but could also easily be updated with new content on a monthly basis. Messaging might also change, so timing had to be adjustable. The project could ingest multiple clips and automatically compose them into various setups. – Developed with The Lab NYC

Showtime Anytime

Launch spot and graphic toolkit for Showtime Anytime.

Art Director
Showtime Networks