The initial brief for the 2018 campaign centered around the concept of selling the width and breadth of Showtime’s content. I pitched them this concept, “The Ring”, composed of an activated 3D ring built out of Showtime content set in a reflective and detailed environment utilizing bold, complex 3D type as a natural progression from their 2017 campaign.

Additionally the channel marketing team at Showtime has some specific constraints and pain-points. Since they are marketing the whole channel they end up producing hundred of spots every year. In the past, out of necessity, the majority of these spots had a very plain look, with only a handful of tentpole spots getting extra attention. One question the ECD kept asking during the design process was if there was a way to deploy something as complicated as this 3D look to more spots.

With this mandate, I set about designing a system in which a “premium” look could be deployed to all tactics. By creating and deploying several custom-built, specialized scripts, pre-rendered background, and network rendering solutions I was able to deliver an editorial toolkit for Premiere Pro powered by After Effects and Cinema 4D where an editor could take a spot for beginning-to-end, without ever having to go into a post or graphic session. The toolkit consisted of over 75 individual elements which could be customized, allowing the editor to put clips inot the 3D world, edit type and customize messaging. Type especially was powered by smart scripts which automatically switch layouts and size based on the length of the message.

This toolkit has allowed the channel marketing team to cut it’s production budget by 1/2 while producing more spots in more formats than they have ever delivered before.

Showtime's 2018 Channel Marketing Campaign

3D editorial toolkit and campaign for Showtime

Creative Director
Showtime Networks
Oct 2017 – Jan 2018
Custom built, 3D enabled Premiere toolkit