Problem: Showtime needed a new brand identity and voice for their customer acquisition marketing efforts.

Marketing a premium cable network had changed radically by 2016. Social and digital had joined print and broadcast as important drivers of network interest, with some demographics even being the lead driver. Add into this the complicated web of partner relationships, with the parent company CBS as well as with the cable providers and digital platforms like Amazon and Apple, and you had a recipe to mass confusion when creating a customer acquisition campaign. I was brought in to help develop a new strategy for marketing the network. Showtime has not had a whole brand identity, as a visual system or in messaging, since the end of their "Brace Yourself" campaign. Additionally they needed a campaign system that could flexibly be applied to any series, demographic or vertical they needed to market to.

With that in mind, I devised a multi-year strategy built around a flexible visual system that could be re-used across broadcast and social video, print or in web marketing efforts. The rubric that we came up with was that of a video wall or ring. This gave Showtime a few advantages: it highlighted the massive depth and breadth of content on the network, it gave the network a branded look which let it stand out against other premium networks and it allowed for the targeting of specific verticals, be it a genre like comedy or drama or a specific show like Shameless or Billions. The campaign was wildly successful, winning several awards and allowed the network to increase the amount of spots they were creating by 6x-8x for the same yearly budget or easily retarget the a given spot from broadcast to digital depending on the need.

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