For their 2018 campaign, Showtime was looking to unify their branding for all acquisition marketing tactics. Specifically they wanted to create a high-end look that could be affordably deployed across hundreds of individual videos in multiple formats. This posed some interesting technical challenged such as how to minimize the round trip from editorial to graphics back to editorial.

The concept that we landed on was called “The Ring”. It was composed of a a ring of monitors set in a fully 3D world which included bold, fully 3D type and logos. This setup was a natural progression from their 2017 3D video wall campaign.

In the past, a look of this quality might only have been deployed on 3-4 individual spots because of all 3D elements and the perceived notion that several animators would need to have a hand on it. Instead I delivered them a system where the editors and producers could finish a complete spot without needed an animator at all.

This “integrated editorial toolkit” was built using custom linkages between Cinema 4D, After Effects and Premiere Pro. I built a systematized toolkit with layouts that covered 95% of all the usecases they might need, from large hero shots, full screen clips, title cards, quote cards, text plus footage and a variety of messaging tags, all fully 3D. Each element in the toolkit could be customized right in Premiere Pro without having to return to graphics, this included customizing type, putting footage into the 3D world or changing out clips in individual monitors. In the end, this toolkit consisted of over 300 individual elements which the producers and editors could choose from, giving them a large amount of creative control over the tone and content of each spot. Additional requests for new layouts would be added to the toolkit on a rolling basis, instead of as one-offs, so these new layouts were always available as options for future spots.

This allowed the department to create hundred of spots in multiple formats (landscape, portrait and square) effectively letting them produce 6-8x the number of spots for the same budget.

Showtime's 2018 Acquisition Marketing Campaign

3D editorial toolkit and campaign for Showtime

Technical Director, Designer, Animator
Showtime Networks
Integrated, fully 3D editorial toolkit