I worked on the series promotion for both season 1 and season 2 of Billions. This was to be a tentpole series for Showtime and they wanted to make a big splash with the campaign creative. As a new tentpole series, Showtime wanted to make sure they hit their target demographic with the campaign creative. Focus groups with the first four episodes revealed a big interest in the cosmopolitan male demo, so for season one we made the creative all about aggression. This theme extended through all the video creative, on-air and socially as well as in all the outdoor advertising. Using striking imagery of the two main leads as the key driver.

By season two Showtime knew that the series had a sizable female viewership. That demographic strongly reacted to the two main female leads and Showtime wanted to do both a male and female campaign for the second season. The creative system we developed hinted at the New York and financial themes in the show through abstract imagery.

Season 1 tease

Season 2 launch spot: Gladiators

Billions - Season 1-2 Creative

Art Director
Showtime Networks
Series Packaging