ToonPack is an augmented reality communications platform where users can express themselves as a large variety of cartoon characters. Users can talk to each other in character using live video chat, send animated messages to their favorite social networks, and create animated karaoke videos with their favorite songs and post directly to YouTube. ToonPack has a first-of-its-kind avatar marketplace where users can subscribe-to or purchase a growing collection of 3D avatars.

ToonPack approached me to help with the design and implementation of the app based on some of my previous XR work, specifically with 360 video and some IP I had developed while working with Anthem Media. My contributed in three key areas: art production, software development and brand identity. For art production I built a team of former animation film industry artists, who had worked on character design for films such as Despicable Me, Minions and Ice Age. I also helped to implement the key augmented reality powered face-tracking IP the company developed. Lastly I helped to build and promote the brand, specifically toward building relationships with existing IP holders and negotiating licensing agreements.


Augmented reality app

Creative Director/CTO